Dedication. Collaboration. Innovation.

Sara Geen Hill

Senior Vice President

In the 15 years that she has been with LDPR, Sara has mastered the art of public relations, establishing strong connections with traditional and digital media throughout the realms of luxury travel, lifestyle, family, culinary, spa, design and wellness. Her strength is developing innovative programs that secure coverage beyond the traditional outlets, especially social media platforms. Sara is a leader in executing successful campaigns for new hotel openings. Plus, she has a keen sense for creating strategies to keep hotels in the spotlight beyond the opening, such as for the Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI and VisitScotland.

How has LDPR helped shape your career goals?

“The training. This agency is a tight-knit team of real professionals and I can’t imagine a better place to work and to fine-tune both my PR and managerial skills. Since I have worked my way up the ranks, gaining insights and new skills at each level, I can relate to all members of my team, and have the right perspective to coach them.”

Any advice for aspiring PR professionals?

“Be a sponge. Everyone who you meet along the way in your career will offer different insights and ideas. Only by seeing PR from a 360-degree perspective can you master the art of the unexpected.”

Worst travel experience?

“Tripping over a rock amid the ruins in Merida, Spain. I spent the next few hours in the ER and the rest of the trip in a wheelchair.”