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Meredith Lovera

Vice President

Since joining LDPR in 2010, Meredith has been instrumental in bringing the media spotlight to some of the agency’s most high-profile client and her involvement with multi-platform programs has led to increased brand recognition for several LDPR clients. Meredith also oversees strategy for LDPR’s social media team, enhancing programs for clients and the agency’s own social media accounts.

What is your favorite city in the world?

“I have a few: Madrid, Spain for the plentiful tapas and culture; Asuncion, Paraguay, for the steak, family and friends (it’s my husband’s hometown); and New York, because the energy here is unlike anywhere else in the world.”

Favorite travel PR memory?

“I had the opportunity to work on media relations surrounding the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. I led press trips to British Columbia leading up to the Olympics, and then spent two weeks in Vancouver during the games. As a sports fan, it was one of the most inspiring experiences of my life.”

Window or aisle?

“Definitely aisle – I’m really tall and need to stretch my legs, especially on long-haul flights.”