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Ashley MontBlanc Day

Senior Vice President, Chicago office

Ashley has been with the agency for 10+ years and recently moved to Chicago, affording LDPR the opportunity to launch an office in the Windy City. Ashley networks with local and national media on behalf of all LDPR clients, and is our on-site manager for Chicago events and media tours. Since joining the agency, Ashley has worked her way up the ranks by dint of her sunny, can-do attitude, creative approach and outstanding media relations skills. Ashley is also LDPR’s expert in working with national broadcast shows, having navigated this competitive and important media category to successfully get several of LDPR’s clients on television over the years.

What is it about LDPR that sets it apart?

“I think our motto says it all: “Dedication, Collaboration, Innovation.” The LDPR team operates with an extremely collaborative nature – both with clients and internally – and thus innovative and creative ideas come together.”

What’s on your “travel wish list”?

“This is an ever evolving and constantly expanding list! At the moment, top destinations include Nicaragua, Austin (TX) and exploring more of the Great Lakes!”