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Just Back From: Curtain Bluff

LDPR’s Lisa Glover kicked off 2015 the right way—by escaping the New York City frostbite and heading down to the beautiful Curtain Bluff in Antigua. Curtain Bluff created a program to kickstart 2015 fitness goals with the launch of it’s…read more →

Just Back From: Grande Lakes Orlando

LDPR’s Michaelann Millrood and Paige Scala recently returned from a weekend of family fun at Grande Lakes Orlando. They, with their moms and Paige’s sister in tow, headed down to enjoy the eco activities and experience the new restaurant at…read more →

Just Back From: Scotland

LDPR’s VisitScotland team recently returned from a whirlwind tour around beautiful Scotland. From morning bike rides across the Isle of Arran, to exploring Edinburgh and learning about Glasgow’s architecture from a student of the Glasgow School of Art, LDPR’s Ashley MontBlanc Day, Dana…read more →

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