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Scotland Takes Over Conde Nast Traveler

How do you make a destination new again? In 2017 the goal was to showcase Scotland in a fresh, innovative light and promote the year’s #ScotSpirit campaign, a celebration of the seven spirits of Scotland, including its warmth, soul, humor and fun through its various offerings.

LDPR identified Conde Nast Traveler as the ideal partner to catapult the destination due to its reach and creative execution of programs across its various platforms. Taking a non-traditional approach to working with the magazine, LDPR creatively pitched the print, digital and social teams on ideas for each platform that would showcase the best of one of world’s most enchanting destinations. The challenge was to do this with no advertising dollars and only a pure editorial partnership.


Scotland essentially took over the publication, producing a 10-page Scotland print feature, a dedicated digital “Scotland Guide” featuring 12+ exclusive features, a fun Facebook Live broadcast “Why Every Man Should Wear a Kilt” exceeding 3 million views as well as more than 50 social mentions. Scotland was named one of the “Top Places to Travel in 2017” and the launch party for the feature issue was Scotland-themed!

CNT editors were immersed in #ScotSpirit, declaring “We just can’t get enough of it.”