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Introducing the $100,000 tour

When luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent first launched its Private Jet Journeys in 2008, the economic recession quickly grounded these highly priced ultimate-in-luxury tours. In 2014 the luxury market had rebounded and it was time to try again.


Not everyone can afford a $100,000 trip. While high on the wish list, Private Jet Journeys are realistic travel options only for an extremely small, ultra-affluent audience. LDPR pitched a broader “context” story: the high-end market is back, hotter and more creative than ever, as evidenced by A&K’s relaunch.


The messaging was extraordinarily effective. Coverage in all mediums started almost immediately and gathered momentum, including a full 30-minute segment on CNBC “Inside Wealth,” Bloomberg TV, Condé Nast Traveler online, NBC Today Show online and more.

A&K’s 2014 Private Jet Journeys quickly sold out, making it necessary to create a waiting list. Extra departures were then scheduled.