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5 tips to survive the holidays with a busy schedule

For many, there is nothing more stressful than a hectic holiday season. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we sat down with some of our savviest traveleres at the agency, to learn their top tips for surviving the holiday season with a busy schedule. Here’s what they had to say…

Account Supervisor Paige Callan says organization is key to surviving the holidays

“It’s all about being organized. I make a checklist for everything. If I have to host a dinner, I make sure to go to the grocery store on Friday and prep in advance as much as possible. 

Then I’ll do the laundry for the tablecloths and napkins. The day of, everything is halfway done.”





Senior Account Executive Claire Skinner says instead of having FOMO, embrace the events you are able to attend

“Plan as far out in advance as possible, and don’t overcommit. Choose the can’t-miss events and commit to them, but don’t feel obligated to do anything and everything that gets thrown your way. You’ll end up not enjoying any of it and always being concerned about the next. For food that needs baking-prep the day before, leave it in the fridge, then do the baking part while you’re getting ready for the party.”





As a busy mother, Senior Vice President Ashley MontBlanc Day says being realistic with herself helps her manager her responsibilities

“When possible, I volunteer for some of the less complicated contributions.

Life is busy so wherever I can, I like to simplify and keep it about the joy.”





Account Supervisor Lisa Glover says her organizational systems help her stay on top of hectic holiday travel schedule

“During the busy holiday travel season, I like to stay organized by prepping in advance. For example, I keep a go-to makeup bag that I can toss into my carry-on at a whim. 

It makes those last minute work trips much easier to pack for. I’ll even keep a folder with all of my travel tickets printed – busses, flights etc. so that it’s all in one place.

And receipts! I try to document and file them right away because it makes it so much quicker when I’m doing expense reports and don’t have to look back through every Uber or restaurant charge.”



Knowing that some things inevitably take time, Account Director Dana Curatolo is an advocate for saving time in other areas

“Because I love to cook and bake, I always go for hyper personal gifts (which sometimes take time). 

To help alleviate the time spent cooking, I always plan out my outfits far in advance.”




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