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Transcend VX from Briggs & Riley: Luggage Tailored to Travelers’ Needs

An office of travel publicists has elite standards for luggage. So, when Briggs & Riley announced their latest Transcend VX collection – with variable expansion features for trips of all sizes – cheers of joy were heard, and  “keep calm & carry on” was finally put into practice. Here are 5 reasons why Briggs & Riley’s Transcend VX collection packs a punch & performs.

  1. Variable Expansion: With the new variable expansion in Transcend VX, travelers can pack more (or less!) with it’s unique expansion system, allowing for customizable capacity (up to 2.5″ of extra packing space) and a sturdy shape.
  2. Modern Style: We love a bag that has a non-bulky appearance, and with Transcend VX’s two-tone nylon twill outer fabric that resists wear, moisture, dirt and abrasion, it’s the perfect bag for a Suite or Safari. There are three fab colors to choose from – Merlot, Rainforest and Slate – and mixing & matching works great too!
  3. Built-In Tri-Fold Garment Folder: Business travelers rejoice for the feature that secures suits and shirts in place and helps prevent wrinkling.
  4. SpeedThru Pocket: For those mornings spent rushing to catch a plane, Briggs & Riley’s convenient SpeedThru pockets are a life saver, allowing for quick storage of items on the go and at security checkpoints.
  5. The Company Behind The Brand: From their simple as that lifetime guarantee, to the undeniable passion for creating products engineered for reality, Briggs & Riley makes travel that much better.


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