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Spotlight on LDPR promotions 🎉

We love very few things more than travel; however, one thing high on the list is celebrating hard work & recognizing stellar staff. We are thrilled to announce and celebrate four LDPR superstars’ recent promotions: Jacky Becker to Assistant Account Executive; Lisa Glover to Account Supervisor; Jessica Foreman to Account Supervisor; and Michelle Calarco to Account Director. 🎉🎉🎉

What drew Jacky to travel PR? With both parents in the hospitality industry, my passion for travel started at a very young age – I traveled to four continents by the age of 7. I was drawn to travel PR because it combined my love for exploring the world, with my passion for storytelling and bringing ideas to life.”

Jacky Becker, Assistant Account Executive

Lisa’s memorable LDPR travel experience… During my last trip to Scotland during the holiday season, we drove up to Inverness with the VisitScotland team and stopped at Cairngorm Mountain, home to Scotland’s only funicular railway. In order to get to the top, you have to take this railway that was so reminiscent of the movie, Polar Express. With panoramic views, you go up for what feels like miles, surrounded by pristine white snow. Below you are skiers and snowboarders that look like little colored dots zipping through the snow. It felt like the most magical winter wonderland.” 


Lisa Glover, Account Supervisor


Scotland, you beaut!

Jessica’s advice for newbie travelers to get the most out of a trip? “My best trips have involved a lot of spontaneous interruptions. No matter how much I plan, that gorgeous Caribbean sunset or cute hidden winery by the side of the road will undoubtedly make me late to where I’m trying to go next. Be open to life happening. That and always, always try the local dishes.”


Jessica Foreman, Account Supervisor


 Why does Michelle get out of bed and come to work each day?  Beyond the exciting projects that I get to oversee in the travel space, it’s really the people I work with. Our team is so collaborative and everyone’s invested in each other’s success – it makes all the difference! And who wouldn’t be proud to be part of a team that’s been named Observer’s top specialty PR agencies?”


Michelle Calarco, Account Director


Congratulations ladies!


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