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Spotlight on LDPR’s Elizabeth Steitz & Claire Skinner

We love celebrating our talented LDPR staff, and today, we’re thrilled to announce the promotions of both Elizabeth Steitz and Claire Skinner to Account Executives. We asked the rising PR gurus what they love most about travel and what their favorite travel experience has been…


“Most recently, I went on a Vermont biking trip with my family in August. It was an amazing experience – and refreshing to switch up Manhattan’s skyscrapers for Vermont’s rolling hills and dairy farms. I’ve been blessed with being part of a family that has always deeply valued travel, and how lucky am I to make a career out of it!”

– Elizabeth Steitz, Account Executive

Claire Skinner

“Getting to play my sister’s personal tour guide in Portland, Ore for her birthday weekend! Such incredible food, shopping and attractions. I love that my job doubles as an itinerary planner for bucket list leisure trips– just one of the perks!”

– Claire Skinner, Account Executive



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