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LDPR’s INTERNal History

Happy National Employee Appreciation Day!


With dedication, collaboration and innovation in our DNA at LDPR, a thriving agency culture & employee investment is something we take pride in and strive for daily. Just ask our career coach and close partner – Grace Andrews at Ignite – how much we like growing our people and developing a uniquely successful + happy work environment. We turn to a few LDPR staffers who started their PR careers as interns here and now flourish, for their tips to rise in the ranks.

“I remember Leslie (Executive Vice President of LDPR) saying to me as an intern and brand-new hire, ‘I can teach you everything I know about this industry, but I can’t teach enthusiasm and genuine passion. Never lose sight of yours.’ I hold that comment close and I think it’s reflective of our agency celebrating hard work, passion and enthusiasm to succeed and learn.”– Dana Curatolo, Account Director–Joined the LDPR family in 2009


Dana exploring with elephants in Botswana.

“Laura taught me from my very first day that, ‘No idea is a bad idea.’ That has given me the confidence and encouragement to always share my thoughts and ideas, no matter how silly they might seem. It’s these ideas that often open the door for creativity.”–Paige Scala, Senior Account Executive that has been with LDPR since 2012.


Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.22.02 PM

Paige zorbing at Atlantis.

“Speak up! If there is something that you are interested in learning more about or have a fresh idea on an old procedure, don’t be afraid to speak up. Someone is always happy to teach you or foster your creative thinking.” –Anna Parry, Interned with LDPR in 2009 and is now an Account Director.


Anna sailing through the BVIs.

Anna sailing through the BVI with The Moorings.

“Be proactive! If you find a company that aligns with your interest, find a way for you to get more involved, beyond what’s listed in your job description.”–Jacky Becker, Account Coordinator that interned with LDPR in 2015 & now spearheads design and social projects

“You truly can do whatever you put your mind to at LDPR. This agency is fueled by collaboration. If you have a new idea or passion that you want to share with the rest of the agency, you have 110% support from your team to get your idea off the ground.”–Cathryn Vaccaro, 2016 intern & LDPR’s newest Account Coordinator


Cathryn, Jacky and Account Executive Claire at LDPR's Habitat for Humanity build.

Cathryn, Jacky and Account Executive Claire at LDPR’s Habitat for Humanity philanthropy build




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