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State of Social Media Update with MARS Media

Social media trends move as quickly as your Twitter feed. In the volatile landscape of digital media, staying on top of the latest while remaining creative in under 140 characters can be challenging, but we are kicking off fall ready to take the social media world by [Twitter] storm. Our agency’s close partner and digital affiliate, MARS Media Agency, recently shared the current “State of Social Media” and what you need to know before ‘gramming the rest of your 2016. Worth the scroll.

Facebook Status 

Facebook will continue to be the dominate social platform for brand and advertisers based on the lengthy amount of time users spend on Facebook, and community size encompassing 55% of social media users. Quick stats… the average person spends 1,000 minutes per month on Facebook, and every Facebook minute sees 293,000 status updates and 136,000 photo uploads. (Source: The Social Skinny)

And the algorithms keep updating… with the latest change, Facebook shows individual’s Friends and Family posts before any brands’ content. As such, paid advertising should be factored into growth and content engagement strategies. The great news? Ads can be very targeted based on the wealth of data Facebook has on it’s users: interests, demographics, even those who like competitor brands.

Live Video 

… can not be ignored. More than half of the world’s marketing professionals say video content produces the best ROI, and Facebook’s algorithm gives video priority in newsfeeds (meaning more eyes see video!). Viewers spend 3 times longer engaging with live video than with any other type of post and with 8 billion video views on Facebook a day, that leaves a lot of opportunity for brands to make an impact through live video campaigns. And a new development, Twitter has negotiated deals with major networks to live broadcast major TV events.…including the political debates.

Brands can capitalize on live video through a variety of different ways, from promoting real-time events to engaging in live conversations and interviews with company execs and key personalities.

What’s the story with Snapchat?

With over 200 million active daily users (40% of those users falling into the 25+ age range) and 10+ billion videos viewed on Snapchat each day, this rapidly growing platform — the fastest growing of any social platform — provides ample opportunity for brands to engage and impact in a big way. Whether brands manage their own channel — presenting real-time, raw “stories” — or sponsor content in the “Discover” section or via a geo-filter, SnapChat has the capabilities to target national audiences or very targeted audiences in locations such as airports, beaches, small business, and college campuses.

The most significant and very recent update is  SnapChat’s rebrand to SnapChat Inc. SnapChat Inc. is planning to offer more products than just the Snapchat App, such as the just-announced, new Google Glass type of concept called ‘Spectacles’ which users wear like normal sunglasses to capture 10 second videos.


Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories 

Instagram also recently launched “stories,” very similar to Snapchat’s concept of stories – both are 10 second videos or photos that can be filtered and last for 24 hours. A few differences… Instagram stories does not offer geo-filters and also does not offer a ‘saved library’ like Snapchat’s “Memories” feature…yet! Any user can also view stories from any public Instagram account, whereas Snapchat requires users to follow other users before viewing their story.

Stories offer a great way on either platform for brands to share real-time, live updates/ news and photos, like this example from our client Atlantis Resort:

With the addition of Instagram Stories, the app is doubling down on getting users to spend more time with Facebook-owned apps.

What’s Next-The Growth of Messaging Apps

Many social media experts say that messaging apps, such as “What’s App,” are what we’ll be talking about this time next year, and they will evolve rapidly into more than just a way to communicate. Messaging apps in Asia have already developed entire ecosystems where users can shop, book travel, order food, engage with branded content and more in addition to messaging friends.

Of course, that could all change by tomorrow’s status update 😉


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