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Ready, Set, Paint!

This past month, the LDPR philanthropy team joined forces with Publicolor, a New York City based program that teaches at-risk students how to think critically about their future and how to prepare for college and a career. Through Publicolor, participants transform their own schools and nearby community facilities by painting them with vibrant colors that they’ve selected together. So bright and early on a Saturday morning, we ventured to Edward Reynolds West High School in the Bronx to help the Publicolor Paint Club turn the school from dull to dazzling! We were even treated to a choreographed dance by Publicolor members at the end of the day, in which some of us participated in… needless to say that maybe we should just stick to PR and let the professionals do the dancing!

LDPR dresses down to Paint it Up with Publicolor!

LDPR dresses down to Paint it Up with Publicolor!

During the week Publicolor functions as an after-school program managed by highly trained Publicolor staff and focuses exclusively on working with the students whose schools their transforming. On Saturdays, Publicolor students, parents, teachers and volunteers paint side by side. Through learning commercial painting and working as a team, students develop critical thinking, resilience, confidence, and productive work habits. 1,200 underperforming middle or high school students participate annually in Publicolor. 12 schools throughout the five boroughs are transformed every year, changing not only the physical environment, but also the school culture for thousands of students and teachers.



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