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Giving Back to Benin

At LDPR, our passion for travel and discovering new cultures expands far beyond “work” or “leisure.” This holiday season we wanted to share a story about a small village in West Africa that has captured our hearts, Kakanitchoé-Whenusu.

If you think Kakanitchoé-Whenusu is hard to pronounce – try finding it on a map!


Kakanitchoé-Whenusu is a small village located in the African country of Benin.

Kakanitchoé-Whenusu is a small village located in the African country of Benin.


That’s just what Beth Walsh, a former VP at LDPR did when she joined the Peace Corps over a decade ago and hopped across the pond from NYC to Africa. During Beth’s work, she met Pascal Gbenou, another dreamer looking to make a difference in his home village, which was in desperate need of education. With the nearest school four miles away, and no established transportation or roads to get there, Beth and Pascal knew they had to do something.

So they did.

Bottom left: Beth & Pascal; Pictures of students at school

Bottom left: Beth & the head of the school; Pictures of students at school


Together, they built a primary school in Pascal’s home village, and with LDPR’s support were able to pay for the salaries for three of the four teachers within the school. The school, located on Laura Davison Public Relations Avenue (!!), has graduated more than 100 students and will be in its ninth year at the start of 2014!

avenue 029timeline pic

We look forward to continued success at the school of Kakanitchoé-Whenusu in 2014 and beyond. This season, we wish our friends, families and colleagues fulfillment in travel, joy through discovery and inspiration to follow dreams – even if they take you to Kakanitchoé in Africa!


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