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Digital Directory: A(pp)firmations

Another day, another app…and we look forward to trying them. But sometimes even the initial search takes too much time. As we scroll along pages, we begin to wonder, “What was the name of that really great app I just heard about?”

Enjoy the sunshine this summer and save those minutes that can be quickly spent in search of tech.  Here are three simple approaches to apps that we’ve identified as a(pp)firmations.  Easy as 1-2-3/A-B-C to remember…

1. Aim for Applause

Appsfire is an awesome app for finding apps based on personal preferences.  But if you’re unsure about the reviews or just curious about good (or bad) buzz surrounding an app, visit Applause is a tool that monitors and measures mobile app quality and user satisfaction. We give travel reporter Jayne Clark a social media standing ovation for sharing this time-saver with USA Today readers (especially travelers).

2. Believe in the Basics


Fresh features have us quick to install, but there are benefits to keeping it simple. Apps that perform basic functions (weather, notes, flashlight) aren’t very useful if they become so evolved that their main function is buried behind bells and whistles, or worse…they don’t do what they’re meant to do!

3. Create at your Convenience

So you’ve installed the app on iPhone, iPad…but now you’re working from a desktop (or laptop). Instead of downloading the program to run on the computer, search for a browser-tool version online. This is especially convenient when working with photo editing tools. Pixlr Editor is a solid example of creating at your convenience. simply visit the site and you’re set.


What a(pp)firmations work best for you? Please feel free to share them with us…


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