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LDPR Digital Directory: January 2013 Update

At the close of 2012, we looked back to review a number of trend reports and research studies (thank you NewMedia Trend Watch) to find the adoption of iPads and other tablet devices to be driving travel bookings made on mobile, according to a survey by comScore, commissioned by Expedia Media Solutions (click here to view the full study / PDF).  The study estimated that 61% of tablet owners made a purchase on their device in the first half of the year, while 34% booked travel.

As we look ahead for 2013, forecasted as “the year of three screens” by Max Starkov & Mariana Mecoso Safer, HeBS Digital, in this article, expect new apps and many exciting opportunities for travel brands.  Will EmbarkNYC eclipse HopStop? Is Pudding Camera a sweeter photo filtering app than Instagram? We’ll be on the lookout for these apps, and other pertinent topics and trends, to provide overviews and recommendations in our 2013 LDPR Digital Directory updates.

Photo by Expedia Media Solutions

Photo by Expedia Media Solutions

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